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Video Testimonials

Expert Advice For The Business Savvy

As a successful business person, you make hundreds of difficult decisions every day to fight for your business.

Now it’s our turn to fight for you.

Numbers are our bottom line too. That’s why we are the nation’s leading cell tower consulting firm.


In 2019 our clients got an immediate 306% increase in rent.


We have negotiated over $300,000,000 in buyout deals.


We have negotiated over $1,000,000,000 in rent.


Our team of has over 100 years combined experience.

Who We Assist 

The level of experience Vertical Consultants can bring to the table during negotiations is unmatched. 

We work with:


How We Assist 

We identify opportunities as well as potential issues others overlook . We help protect and maximize  what’s most important to you as a business owner. 

We help with:

  •  Protecting Business Assets
  • Negotiating Fair Terms
  • Limiting Liability Exposures
  • Obtaining Multiple-Location Offers
  • Determining the Real Value of Your Property


We All Had Questions About Cell Tower Leases. Vertical Consultants Got Results.

Watch this video to learn about our process & how we fight for you.

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Maximize Your Site Value

The telecom boom is providing unique opportunities for business owners. You can maximize the value of your site and minimize your exposure and liability. 

 Are you ready to capitalize on your possibilities?