Brad Sherman

My Situation
I manage a self-storage company and one of our locations has an existing cell tower on the property built by Verizon and leased back to us.

What I Was Offered
We made the mistake of negotiating that lease originally and they decided to terminate it.

Why I Chose Vertical Consultants
They have industry expertise and experience that we found invaluable.

What They Did For Me
With Vertical Consultant’s help we were able to get a cash settlement and ownership of the tower from Verizon. We then received a lease offer from AT&T for almost 3 times the amount originally established with Verizon.

Why I recommend Vertical Consultants
We found throughout our two experiences, Vertical Consultants provided excellent communication.  We also saw this as a huge value-added situation created by Vertical Consultants. They negotiated both the termination with Verizon and the new lease agreement with AT&T. Without their depths of expertise, we would never have gotten the results we’ve gotten.


Posted on

June 13, 2018