Dennis Dove

Testimonial - Church

My Situation
Our church was contacted by Skyway Towers expressing interest in placing a cell tower on the church property.

What I Was Offered
After receiving the offer, the elders and board decided an expert’s opinion was needed. The initial agreement was completely new territory for us.

Why I Chose Vertical Consultants
We chose Vertical Consultants to protect our church’s interests and help us get the most revenue we could.

What They Did For Me
Vertical Consultant’s was a strong advocate for our church. Their involvement resulted in an increase in the initial rent, a significant increase in revenue generated from the tower and protected our church property so we could fully benefit from the lease.

Why I Recommend Vertical Consultants
We are fully satisfied with the outcome of the lease negotiations thanks to Vertical Consultants. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance a cell tower or rooftop lease.


Posted on

June 13, 2018