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“I got a 300% increase in my cell tower lease offer.”

Yes, you CAN get a better deal!

Pastor Dan Perkins
Westgate Church
San Jose, CA

New Cell Site Lease: What We Can Offer You

Our cell tower lease service covers over 5,000 properties across North America. We help evaluate proposed and existing cell tower lease and rooftop leases.

As the industry’s leading cell tower lease experts, we negotiate optimal cell tower lease terms for property owners of all types. We have assisted individualscorporations, and municipalities.

adele-south-dakotaVertical Consultants got us a 991% rent increase. They know cell tower leases.
– Adele, South Dakota

We specialize in being a full-service consulting firm, addressing the real estate, telecom and other issues surrounding a telecom agreement.

If optimizing rent received from a proposed cell tower lease is important to you, then we are the company you are looking for. We can assist you in negotiating and structuring a lease that will result in maximum value for you today and into the future.

What Will Rent Rates Be In 2024?

In 2023, cell tower companies and wireless carriers signed cell tower lease agreements with property owners around the United States, for an average of approximately $1,165 per month. The rates paid across the United States varied based upon several following factors. Watch the video to learn more or click here to read the article.

Cell Tower Rent Rates in 2024
Pros and Cons of cell towers

Pros & Cons of Cell Tower Leases

Cell tower leases have become a common practice in today’s wireless communication industry. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with cell tower leases that property owners should carefully consider before entering into such agreements.

Watch the video to learn more or click here to read the article.

Vertical Consultants President, Hugh Odom, Is The “Go To” Cell Tower Lease Expert

Click here to learn more about Hugh Odom.

Your New Cell Tower Lease –How We Can Assist You

Review the Lease – We will evaluate the terms and the structure of the lease that has been presented to you. This will allow us to determine not only what options you have, but also what issues need to be addressed. We will also explain how the cell tower lease can affect you and your property not only today, but into the future.

russelVertical Consultants was the right choice. A 217% increase in rents is evidence of that. – Russel, Texas

Evaluate the Proposed Site – We will review the proposed cell tower site and determine the value of the site to you, and the value it has to the cell tower company. We will evaluate what “true” options the cell tower company has in your immediate area and why they’ve chosen your site. We analyze the current telecom industry, and how it affects the company who approached.  This provides you the insight you need to make the best decisions.

david-californiaVertical Consultants took on Verizon and got us a 174% increase in rents.  – David, California

Negotiate a Smart Cell Tower Lease – We work on our client’s behalf to get a “Smart Cell Tower Lease”. What does this mean exactly? We act as an advocate for you so your lease is structured beyond the immediate future and allows for maximize value of your property.  We deliver value not only on day one, but throughout the term of your lease, and also minimize the negative impact the agreement can have on your future development or even financing of your property. We have negotiated leases with all of the major tower companies and our results are un-matched. In 2023, we immediately increased rents for our clients by an average of 303%.  It’s simple, we do more than give advice, we get RESULTS!

joe-georgiaWe have cell tower leases across the country. Vertical Consultants has got us great results across the board. – Joe, Georgia

Television Interviews

The nation’s top news outlets turn to Vertical Consultants for cell tower expertise.

New Lease Outlook

American Tower:  American Tower will look to extend cell tower lease terms throughout the year. American Tower extended over 530 leases and purchases over 160 cell tower lease since the start of last year. American Tower property revenue saw an increase during this same period of time. This was bolstered by an updated agreement with Verizon and continuing growth of its 40,000 United States based cell towers. 
Crown Castle: Crown Castle’s tower business continues to see steady levels of activity in the year.
SBASBA looks poised to spend significantly to purchase land and easements and to extend cell tower lease terms.
Verizon: Verizon continues to have the most aggressive new tower construction plans throughout the year with almost 4,000 cell tower projected to be built during the calendar year.
AT&T: Construction executives for AT&T continue to forecast the buildout of over 1000 new cell sites and an increased focus on rooftop and small cell sites to built domestically.
T-Mobile: T-Mobile’s outlook includes the construction of over 1500 cell sites in the United States. This site buildout is slightly down and they will be building these sites mostly by way of a third party vendor.
david-tennesseeVertical Consultants got great results for our church. We highly recommend their services. – David, Tennessee

Results matter and our results are un-matched in the cell site industry.

cathy-michigan198% increase in rents from American Tower sure helps our family. – Cathy, Michigan

Get A Free Lease Agreement Review and Consultation – We Can Immediately Increase Your Cell Tower Rents