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Who We Assist

Vertical Consultants is proud to represent a diverse group of property owners across North America. Our mission is to provide excellent service, while empowering , advocating and ultimately achieving optimal results for our clients.

  • Individuals – Vertical Consultants assist individual property owners in all 50 states to ensure that their most important investment, their land, is protected throughout the term of any cell tower lease they are asked to sign.
  • Self-Storage – Vertical Consultants advises over 3 of the 6 largest self-storage operators in North America and 24 of the Top 100 largest self-storage operators in the United States.  All together we represent over 7000 self-storage properties.
  • Shopping Centers – The team at Vertical Consultants represents shopping center developers that control over 700 shopping center properties nationwide, focusing on increasing cell tower lease revenue and protecting their core assets.
  • Churches/Non-Profits – The Vertical Consultants team advocates for churches and non-profit organizations across the United States to ensure optimal outcomes whether it be the installation of a new cell tower on their land or the placement of cell site antennas in their steeple.
  • Commercial Property/Hotel Developers – Vertical Consultants represents commercial developers including hundreds of hotel sites across North America including Sheraton, Hilton, Westin, Marriott and Holiday Inn properties.
  • Municipalities – Vertical Consultants advises city, county, state and federal organizations to ensure that the maximum cell site lease value is obtained for the use of their properties today and throughout the term of their cell tower lease.
  • Golf/Mountain Resorts – The Vertical Consultants team provides consulting services to golf and mountain resort properties across North America, including Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, currently ranked as the No. 2 golf resort in the nation.

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