Jonathan Fields

My Situation
I am the Risk Manager & Director of Lease Operations for Cell Towers at Union College. Our college is located on high ground in Lincoln, NE, which has provided us with numerous opportunities for towers over the years.

What I Was Offered
We regularly receive interest from leasing companies wanting to improve our tower lease situation.

Why I Chose Vertical Consultants
A board member recommended Vertical Consultants, but I was a little wary of having a company help us & take a portion of our revenue.

What They Did For Me
Vertical Consultants reviewed our existing agreements. They not only opened our eyes to immediate opportunities but were also an advocate for our school during negotiations. On some contracts, they established rents that were more than double our previous rates, and more importantly, they protected our property and our college.

Why I Recommend Vertical Consultants
After several years of working together, we are very gratified that we did. Union College would recommend Vertical Consultants to any company or individual looking to optimize their cell tower leases.


Posted on

June 13, 2018