Our Staff – Cell Tower Experts

When Vertical Consultants was formed, we strived to establish a company that would provide a different and more effective way to represent landowners. There are two ways in which we do that:

  1. We represent landowners who are presented with the opportunity to lease a portion of their land to a cell phone or tower company.
  2. We represent landowners who already have an existing cell tower or rooftop lease in place. In both situations, we offer guidance, as well as proven results when it comes to optimizing our client’s lease.

Vertical Consultants distinguishes itself from other consulting companies by what we can bring to the table:

  • Most other consulting companies are formed by cell phone industry personnel who have similar backgrounds, and, as a result, only have one viewpoint when it comes to providing advice to a client. In comparison, Vertical Consultants is comprised of cell phone industry veterans with over 40 years of combined separate, and yet distinct, experience, which includes site acquisition, development, leasing, legal, and financial fields. This diverse experience allows us to approach the issues surrounding a new or existing lease from every angle.
  • We are made up of experts who have worked for the largest cell phone companies in the world. Our staff has been directly responsible for the acquisition and development of thousands of cell tower and rooftop sites throughout North America and abroad, and have structured and negotiated wireless transactions that have accounted for billions of dollars of financial commitments over the life of those agreements. We strive to utilize our expertise and experience to best serve our clients.