Shanita Johnson

Happy Client

My Situation
Our church had an existing tower and the lease was up for renewal. The pastor asked me to take on finding out if we were getting the best deal for the cell tower lease.

What I Was Offered
The tower company initially offered $5,000 for the renewal. When we didn’t act on that, they came back with a $10,000 offer, which we did not accept. We were in a good position to be able to take our time in making the decision. A lot of companies prey on the fact that churches need money & put pressure on the situation to make the deal right away.

Why I Chose Vertical Consultants
I started researching online & Vertical Consultants kept on coming up and they had a lot of experience with churches & businesses. I was very comfortable after talking on the phone and we were able to communicate primarily via email, which is my preferred method.

I’m a project manager & I’m very comfortable in negotiations; however, I told the pastor, I would be doing the church a disservice if I tried to negotiate this deal myself. If you can’t do it, you find the expert who can and that was Vertical Consultants.

What They Did For Me
We went from having a $10,000 offer to a $120,000 offer. We’re talking about a huge difference.

Why I Recommend Vertical Consultants
I recommend Vertical Consultants because of their leadership, expertise, & customer service — the ability to clearly explain the process & give you peace of mind that it would be taken care of. At the end of the day, I recommend them because the results speak for themselves.


Posted on

June 13, 2018