How We Get Results

Vertical Consultants achieved an average of a 302% immediate increase in client’s rent in 2022. These results were achieved for individuals, schools, churches, corporations, and municipalities across the United States.

Our results are of record and been reported by media outlets throughout North America. Vertical Consultants does not buy cell tower leases, as we focus on increasing the value of your lease. Our results can also be verified by the testimonials of our clients.

How we get results is simple. We understand that every cell tower lease is unique and has a different value. We know that rent should be based on the value of the lease to the tower company and not the undervalued rent someone else agreed to in the past.

Some cell tower consulting firms will boast about how they have a large database of information. We have that same information – the difference is that we use it as a resource not to make the mistakes others have made, while other firms use it to perpetuate the same errors that property owners have made since the 1980s.

The staff of Vertical Consultants has over 100 years of combined experience in the cell tower industry.

Unlike other consulting firms, we do not work with the cell phone or tower companies – we only work for you, the property owner. We strive to provide more than mere advice to our clients…we strive to provide unmatched results.

Vertical Consultants has both the expertise and the experience to provide you with answers regarding the “true value” of your property as it relates to any new cell tower lease you have been offered or any existing cell site lease you already have on your property.

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