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Vertical Consultants works with property owners who have been approached to enter into a new cell site lease, or who are looking to get better terms under an existing cell tower lease.

Vertical Consultants works on our clients’ behalf to not only maximize the rents they receive under any cell tower lease, but to also minimize terms and conditions that could lead to devaluing their property or exposing them to unnecessary hazards.

The following are some of the services that we can provide you:

New Cell Tower Lease Offers

Vertical Consultants can review any new cell tower lease offer you have received to determine the value of your land to a cell tower company. Vertical Consultant has the expertise to evaluate why your property was selected by a cell tower company and what real options the company has in the immediate area. We work on your behalf to make sure you get the true value and are protected throughout the term of the lease.


Many cell tower landlords are being contacted by tower companies looking to extend their existing lease. Vertical Consultants can assist you in getting the best overall terms. These terms should be based upon the value to the tower and not your current rent. Furthermore, Vertical Consultants works to protect our clients from tactics and terms that could be harmful to them and their property.

Lease Buyout Proposals

Vertical Consultants provides our clients expert representation. First, we work to make sure that selling your cell tower lease is the right choice. If our client elects to go forth with a cell tower lease buyout transaction, Vertical Consultants works to negotiate the maximum cell tower lease buyout purchase price for our client’s cell tower lease. We don’t stop there. Vertical Consultants is an advocate for our clients to make sure they not only get the most, but give up the least.

Cell Site Modifications

If you have received a request from a cell site tenant to perform routine maintenance or minor modifications, Vertical Consultants can assist you. Vertical Consultants can work on your behalf to understand what real opportunities and issues you may face. We work not only to minimize the potential impact on your property, but also to maximize the rent you receive in exchange for agreeing to any cell tower modification request.


Cell Site Expansions

Many cell tower landlords are presented with requests from cell tower companies looking either to immediately expand the area they are currently leasing, or with an option to do so at a later date. Vertical Consultants works with our cell site clients to understand the potential impact on their property if any expansion is requested, as well as to understand the true value of the use of such land to the cell tower company requesting it.

Rooftop Cell Site Assessments

Vertical Consultants specializes in working with property owners with rooftop cell site leases.  Whether you have an existing rooftop lease in place, or have been approached for a new cell site lease we can assist. Vertical Consultants will evaluate any offer you received to determine what the real value of your cell site lease is and how to best structure any transaction to best protect you and your property.

Small Cell Lease Services

Vertical Consultants works with property owners who have been presented with small cell opportunities by wireless carriers. Vertical Consultants takes the time to provide our clients with consultation on the pros and cons of entering into a small cell agreement. Our job is to make sure you are getting the most benefit, whether you are seeking to generate additional revenue or better serve patrons visiting your property.

Cell Tower Brokerage

Vertical Consultants can work with you to evaluate your cell tower or towers based upon the actual tower asset and the wireless carrier leases you have in place. Vertical Consultants can provide you with a market valuation and can recommend how to structure the sale of your cell towers based upon your individual situation and current cell tower market dynamics.

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