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Russel Green

My Situation
I inherited property from my grandmother that had a cell tower on it.

What I Was Offered
The cell tower had been on my grandmother’s property since 1995 and a money-grabber went out to her property when she was 80-something years old and cut her rent down to half of what she was getting. He threatened she could lose the tower if she didn’t take the reduced rent. After I inherited the lease, With 6 years left on the contract, I knew I had to be proactive about getting a better deal.

Why I Chose Vertical Consultants
I reached out to a few different cell tower lease companies to find out what was possible in my situation. The other companies were saying that I may or may not be able to negotiate a deal and didn’t really seem interested in trying to help. Vertical Consultants was different and they were ready and encouraged me to get representation. I actually spoke with Hugh Odom not just an employee.

What They Did For Me
We ended up with 3 times more rent and now get a yearly increase. Vertical Consultants also negotiated that if someone else is added to the tower, I get compensated. My grandmother didn’t have that on her lease and missed out on extra income.

Why I Recommend Vertical Consultants
Working with Vertical Consultants was a very positive experience. The best thing is that I got representation. They are there for me to protect my interests or if I have any questions.


Posted on

June 13, 2018