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Testimonial - Brad

Brad Sherman


I manage a company with a tower on site.

Testimonial - Sarah

Sarah Mailen


We got an offer to put a tower on our land.

Testimonial -  Mud Creek

Ken Delp


We bought a building with a tower on it.

Testimonial - Gina

Gina Martin


My business owns a building with a tower.

Testimonial - Union College

Jonathan Fields


Our college received many buyout offers.

Shanita Testimonial

Shanita Johnson


My church was offered a buyout.

Ed Testimonial

Ed Freeman


To my surprise, they owed us money.

Melody Testimonial

Melody Scott


Verizon wanted to put a tower on our land.

Testimonial - Russel

Russel Green


I inherited property with a cell tower on it.

Testimonial - Church

Dennis Dove


Our church needed an advocate.

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How Much Are Your Neighbors Being Paid?

Your report includes a snapshot of tower locations near you, as well as the rent rate for those towers. This information is great and…. DON’T STOP THERE! Our clients receive 312% more after we negotiate for them because we know that so-called “market rents” aren’t all they’re made out to be. We will show you the real value of your deal & put the money you deserve back into your pocket.

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