Financial Institutions – Cell Site – Real Value

Vertical Consultants has become the go-to telecom consulting firm when it comes to obtaining assistance in understanding the “true value” of a cell tower lease.

We are regularly retained by financial institutions of all types and sizes for their analysis of the value of a cell tower lease when it comes to securing their collateral assets. We have unparalleled expertise and resources that enable these clients to make the best decisions of how to structure transactions involving cell tower, rooftop or other types of telecom lease assets.

Vertical Consultants is the only consulting firm that can provide expertise as it relates to telecom, real estate and legal issues surrounding telecom assets.

Vertical Consultants is also the only telecom consulting firm that does not work for wireless carriers, lease buyout companies, or lease optimization companies, which enables us to provide unbiased and unfiltered services to our clients.

Vertical Consultants Can Assist You By: 

Understanding The Wireless Industry: We work with a financial institution to assist them in understanding the wireless industry and the wireless carriers and tower companies that are a part of it. We work to get our clients up to speed on the current dynamics of the industry, including, but not being limited to, rising infrastructure costs, mergers and acquisitions, and emerging technologies.

Determining the Cell Tower Lease Value: We understand that the value of a cell tower lease should not be determined by the rent being paid, but by the value of the cell tower site to the cell tower company. We don’t rely on historical data to determine value. Why? Because this data is historically bad when it comes to determining true value of the cell tower site to the cell tower company. We analyze a cell site to determine how much the tower company has vested in the site, the revenues being derived from the site, and the replacement costs for the cell tower owner if they can’t secure the site long-term.

Recommending a Strategy: Based on our analysis of the unique features of the subject cell tower lease, we will recommend a strategy of how you should proceed in handling the cell site asset for your purposes. We will clarify the pros and cons of the current lease and determine how your financial institution should proceed based upon the cell tower lease’s rental amounts, duration, escalation percentages, subtenant revenues, liability, and insurance obligations. We can provide your company an opinion letter assessing the value of specific tower assets and/or complete tower lease portfolios.