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We fight not only to get you more money but the best cell tower lease terms possible.

Don’t accept less than you deserve.

Vertical Consultants is the nation’s leading cell tower consulting firm.


In 2022 our clients got an immediate 302% increase in rent.


We have negotiated over $200,000,000 in buyout deals.


We have negotiated over $750,000,000 in rent.

Our team of has over 100 years combined experience.

Why Hire A Consultant To Fight For You?

3 Times More Rent

We have over 50 years of combined experience as insiders at AT&T, Verizon, & T-Mobile.

When you hire us to fight for you, we get results.

  • A Better Offer
    • Our clients on average get a 306% increase in rent.
  • More Money For Years To Come
    • We fight for valuable rent increases.
  • Protect Your Land & Your Rights
    • Many property owners are suprised when they find out how much control they’ve given up on their land.

What We Do For You

Review Your Lease

We will evaluate the terms and the structure of your current lease to determine not only what options you have, but also what issues need to be addressed. We will also explain how any extension of your current lease may affect you in both the short and long term.

Evaluate Your Cell Site

We will review the tower site based on the characteristics of your cell tower site to determine the value of the cell tower lease not to you, but, more importantly, to the cell tower company leasing your land.

We will determine which wireless carriers are using the tower, revenues being derived by the cell tower company, and cost and use restrictions that would limit the cell tower company in possibly relocation of the tower.

Recommend a Strategy

Based on our analysis of the unique features of your cell tower lease, we will recommend a strategy of how you should proceed and how we can best position you in negotiations.

We will clarify the pros and cons of extending your current lease and determine how to structure your lease as it relates to rental amounts, lease duration, escalation percentages, subtenant revenues, liability and insurance requirements.

Get You a Better Overall Lease

We work on our client’s behalf to get the best “overall lease”. What does this mean exactly?

We work as an advocate for you to get you a lease that looks beyond the immediate future and allows for a structure that will maximize the value of the cell tower lease, not only on day one, but throughout the term of the lease, while, at the same time, minimize the negative impact the agreement can have on your future development, disposition or even financing of your property.

We have negotiated lease extensions with all of the major carriers and the major tower companies and our results are un-matched.

In 2022, we immediately increased rents for our clients by an average of 302%. Its simple, we do more than give advice, we get results!!

How We Get Results

We All Had Questions About Cell Tower Leases.

Vertical Consultants Gave Us Answers & Got Results.

Melody Scott

Verizon wanted to put a tower on our land.

Ed Freeman

To my surprise, we were owed money.

Gina Martin

My business needed help with a tower lease.

Shanita Johnson

My church got an amazing buyout.

Russel Green

I inherited property with a cell tower on it.

How Can We Help You?

We work with clients across the US & Canada.

  • Individuals
  • Property Management Companies
  • Self-storage Companies
  • Churches & Non-Profits
  • Municipalties
  • Commercial/Hotel Developers
  • Resorts

Free Consultation & Lease Review

We will review your lease or buyout offer for free. If we can help, we will tell you exactly how.

We are the only Accredited firm in the industry (BBB & NASBP Accredited)

We have negotiated over $750,000,000 in cell tower rent.

You deserve to get a fair deal.