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DISH and Crown Castle

As DISH looks to make a major play in the multi-billion dollar wireless services industry, they announced an agreement with tower operator Crown Castle. DISH will be building the first standalone 5G network and will leverage Crown Castle’s existing infrastructure for their equipment. They will also be able to utilize Crown Castle for pre-construction services.

What This Means for Current Cell Tower Lease Values

If you have an existing cell tower lease agreement with Crown Castle, you may be entitled to additional rent. Contact us for a free review of your cell tower lease. We will tell what options are available to you and how you can maximize your lease both now, and in the future.

What This Means for Future Cell Tower Lease Values

The race for 5G brings a lot of capital with it. A big part of the capital expenditure is on infrastructure, including paying property owners in ongoing rent or offering buyouts. (For more information on buyouts, click here.) The long-term value of cell tower leases is excellent. If you have an existing lease or have been approached about putting a tower on your property, do not sign anything until you talk with one of our experts. We estimate that the average lease is undervalued by around $1,000,000. Our results back that up, as our clients receive on average an immediate rent increase of over 300%.

What Should You Do?

Contact us. We’ll review your lease or lease offer for free. If we can help, we’ll tell you exactly how. Our team has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in lease rent and buyouts, and we’ll help you maximize your lease value and also protect your land.

Read more about the agreement between DISH and Crown Castle here: https://insidetowers.com/dish-signs-multi-year-anchor-tenant-tower-agreement-with-crown-castle/