Telecom company, Boost Mobile, is now officially owned by Dish Network, making Dish Wireless the new competitor in the telecom market. The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger was good news for Dish Network, after Sprint was forced to sell Boost in order to finalize the merger.

Dish paid $1.4 billion to acquire Boost and other Sprint assets. Dish Wireless also now has free usage of T-Mobile’s network for several years, which benefits the wireless subscribers while allowing the company time to build its telecom infrastructure.

At this point in the game, Dish Wireless only has about 9 million subscribers, which pales in comparison to the likes of AT&T and Verizon, which each have over 150 million subscribers! Their plan is, however, to spend the next few years aggressively building out its 5G network in order to attract as many, if not more, subscribers than the current big telecom names.

With Dish Wireless acquisition of Boost Mobile it signal the first in many future steps in Dish Wireless building its nationwide wireless network and the necessary infrastructure associated with such a project. This infrastructure will included the leasing space on existing cell tower, the build out of new cell towers and the acquisition of space on rooftops across the United States.

For property owners, this means an increase in the value of land they are currently leasing and for those property owner not currently leasing space to a wireless carrier it represents a new opportunity to lease their land or rooftop to a new player in the wireless industry.

If you are presented with a new lease by Dish Wireless, contact us to discuss how you can maximize its value.