5 Things You Need To Know

  1. Crown Castle owns, manages, or leases approximately 40,000 cell tower sites in the United States. Crown Castle now controls about 17,000 T-Mobile and AT&T cell tower sites by way of purchase of such assets since 2014. Crown Castle’s cell site growth will be focused inside the United States in 2017.
  2. Crown Castle secured directly or through third parties over 1,000 new cell sites in 2016. The reason for this build-out was wireless carrier capacity demands in urban areas. Crown Castle’s focus has most recently been the development of over 15,000 small cell nodes and over 16,000 miles of fiber to serve existing towers and 5G upgrades.
  3. Crown Castle increased 2016 revenues made directly from cell towers to approximately 3.6 billion dollars, an approximate 5 % increase from the year prior. Owners of properties with Crown Castle tower sites were only paid approximately 16% of these revenues. See other industry facts and figures in our infographic.
  4. Crown Castle extended approximately 2,000 current cell tower leases in 2016. About 70% of these extensions were by way of amendments to current leases and the remaining being through lease buyouts. Crown Castle continues to aggressively seek to extend existing leases and will focus on T-Mobile and AT&T sites.
  5. Crown Castle controls about 70% of their total cell tower sites by way of leases that average 29 years in term remaining on those agreements. In contrast, an average Crown Castle lease provides no commitment to the property owner, with most having 30-day termination rights.

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