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Updated 09/23/2020
Cell Tower Leases by The Numbers

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What are cell towers?

A cell tower, also referred to as a cell site, is where antennae and electronic communications equipment are placed — most often on a radio tower or some other form (like a mast) of raised structure. These antennae are used to create a cell in a cellular network, like Verizon or AT&T, to spread the data signal of that network for cell phone (and wireless users) users across the nation.

Cell tower leases are contracts between the tower company and the landowner to allow usage of the land for an agreed upon price.

Sometimes you can spot the towers on top of buildings or churches or even colleges, other times cities will require these cell sites be unobtrusive so they blend in with the surrounding area. There are also preserved treescapes that some companies use to hide cell towers inside an artificial or preserved tree, and these installations are generally known as the concealed or stealth cell sites.

Why do cell towers matter?

Let’s talk stats for a minute. The number of new cell sites added in the U.S. in 2016 was 9,571. The total number of cell towers currently in the U.S. in 2016 was 307,626. Landlines are fast becoming a thing of the past, and as cell phones and wireless networks pave the roads for tomorrow, these cell tower sites are what provide the extra touchpoints to expand the coverage.

Big companies. Big business.

There are many cell tower companies, but the largest 3 are Crown Castle, American Tower and SBA. The total revenues of these 3 largest cell tower companies in 2016 was $11.2 billion dollars. The total revenues of the 4 largest wireless carriers — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint — in 2016 was 191.3 billion dollars. Cell site services have invested 177.2 billion dollars in cell towers since 2010.

What about the property owners?

On average, a cell tower generates $68,700 in revenue per year, and the monthly subtenant/co-locator (person whose property the antennae goes on) is paid $1,880-$2,874 per month. Property owners are woefully underpaid for their leasing their land. Over the life of the lease, the average amount the property owner will be underpaid is $852,800.

Let’s pause for a moment, because that bears repeating. Over the life of the lease, the average amount the property owner will be underpaid is $852,800.

So many property owners, landlords, and management companies with cell tower leases on their properties are being severely underpaid in rent. That’s where we come in. In 2016, with our help, our clients saw the average rent they were paid by these cell site companies increase 322%.

How can you get paid what your property is truly worth?

We’re experts in this field, and if you have a cell tower on your property, or have been approached about adding one, don’t waste another day losing out. You deserve to be paid what your cell tower lease is worth. The cell towers going up mean these cell site services have their customers covered, and with us on your side, we’ve got you covered.