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Homeowner and Condo Association Consulting Services

home owner condo cell tower consultingHomeowner and condo associations are constantly being contacted by wireless carriers, asking them to consider either a new rooftop or structure lease or to modify existing ones. Vertical Consultants assists condo and homeowner associations with the evaluation of these matters.

We can assist a homeowner or condo association with not only understanding the true value of their proposed or existing rooftop cell site agreements, but also to determine if this agreement will have a negative impact on not only the building or property that the telecom equipment is going to be located, but to the residents occupying such area.

cell tower lease consultantsAlmost a 200% increase in rents-Thanks Vertical Consultants. – Thatcher Lofts-Denver

Homeowner and Condo Association Consulting Services

Vertical Consultants will provide our expertise to assist your organization to make decisions that will benefit you not only today, but for decades into the future. We will review your proposed or existing cell tower lease to make sure you are getting rents that are commensurate with the value the wireless carriers are deriving from the use of a homeowners or condo association’s property.

cell tower lease consultantsVertical Consultants maximized the value of our new AT&T lease. – Plaza Square – Phoenix

We assess your property based upon its individual characteristics because, unlike other consulting firms, we understand that your property has a unique value to the wireless carrier looking to occupy and use your building. If you rely upon the deals that others have agreed to in the past, you may make the same mistakes they have.

If your building is favored, we can make sure you get the best overall terms, so as to not only maximize the value of the lease, but to make sure that your association does not sign an agreement that will limit its future development of the property. If your property has similar value to others in the area, then we can make sure you understand that and act accordingly when negotiating terms.

Vertical Consultants understands that a homeowner or condo association has numerous people/residents who need answers to their questions, and we can make sure that those questions are answered and answered correctly.

cell tower lease consultantsA 282% increase in rooftop rents equaled lower HOA fees for our owners. – River Place – Washington, D.C.

We have negotiated leases with all of the major tower companies and our results are unmatched. In 2022, we immediately increased rents for our clients by an average of 302%. It’s simple, we do more than give advice, we get results!!!

Get A Free Lease Agreement Review and Consultation – We Can Immediately Increase Your Cell Tower Rents