What Services We Offer

Vertical Consultants – We Know Cell Towers

Cell Tower Lease Consultants

  • New Cell Tower Lease Offers – We determine the value of your land and work on your behalf to make sure you get he true value and are protected throughout the term of the cell tower lease.
  • Lease Extension Requests – We get you the best overall terms based upon the value to the tower and not your current rent, while protecting you from tactics that could be harmful to you and your property.
  • Lease Buyout Proposals – We can assist you in understanding the “true value” of your cell site lease and make sure you do not fall for terms that could negatively impact your property in the future.
  • Cell Site Management – We deliver services to make sure you optimize your cell site leases. We provide the information and representation you need to level the playing field with the telecom companies.
  • Express Services – We can provide you with information related to your cell site, including rental rates, lease review and comments, and cell site valuation. We think we cook a better meal, but we are happy to pass along the recipe.