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Cell Tower Lease Buyouts- What We Offer

Vertical Consultants has provided services related to over 5,000 properties across North America, by helping evaluate proposed and existing cell tower and rooftop leases and negotiating optimal lease terms for our clients. We specialize in being a full-service consulting firm, addressing the real estate, telecom and other issues surrounding a telecom agreement. Vertical Consultants works exclusively with property owners and is the only “true” independent consulting firm, which allows us to be an advocate for our clients.

Vertical Consultants understands that you have probably been overwhelmed with companies looking to buy your lease. We can assist you with making an informed decision by realizing not only what the “real” value of your lease is, but, as importantly, understanding what you are being asked to give up as part of this transaction.

Here’s what we can provide you:

Review the Lease – We will evaluate the terms of your tower lease and determine what the real value of your lease is and what options you have to maximize its value.

Assess Your Cell Site – We understand that the value of your cell tower lease should not be determined by the rent you’re being paid, but by the value of the cell tower site to your tenant. We don’t rely on historical data to determine value. Why? Because this data is historically “bad” when it comes to determining true value of the cell tower site to the cell tower company. We analyze your cell site to determine how much the tower company has vested in the site, the revenues being derived from the site, and the replacement costs for the cell tower owner if they can’t secure the site long term.

Evaluate Buyout Terms – Vertical Consultants will evaluate the buyout proposal and determine how much your lease is really worth. We assess the value of your lease not based on what others have been paid. Why? Because your cell tower lease and tower site is unique and the impact of such a transaction on your land is different than it may be to another property owner. We understand that you want to maximize the value of your cell tower lease, but also realize that you want to limit what you are giving up in return.

Implement a Strategy – Based on our analysis of the unique features that can affect the value of your cell tower lease, we will recommend a strategy of how you should proceed. This will include whether or not you should continue with a lease buyout, and if so, for how much. We will clarify the pros and cons of entering into an agreement with anyone looking to purchase your lease. If you determine that you want to sell, we find the best company to purchase your lease, negotiate terms on your behalf, and structure all agreements related with the transaction so that you are are protected now and into the future. The buyout companies have experts on their side, shouldn’t you?