Property owners across the United States whether they have existing cell tower leases or have been approached to enter into a telecom agreement, should always be aware of any information received  from the tower companies.  These companies will often send documents that look very simple and standard on the surface, however there is underlying complicated information that is disguised in these standard documents.  Tower companies use this tactic in an attempt to get your signature:  something that can cause you to lose your rights in the future and prevent you from making claims for past breaches in the contract.

Some companies have even sent landlord surveys posing simple questions at first, only to delve further into the status of your lease and ultimately asking if you would be willing to sell your lease, which may not be your best option. Vertical Consultants has encountered property owners across the country who have signed these types of documents and have subsequently lost 100s of thousands of dollars in cell tower rent revenue.  Never sign a document until you fully understand the implications of signing it. Having experienced professionals, like the team at Vertical Consultants, can help you decipher the information you receive from the tower companies, preventing revenue loss while getting you true value for the use of your land.

Remember the telecom companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?