Last year, everyone was talking about the race for 5G, how it would rollout and how it would affect cell towers. Most of the conversation was around how the telecommunication companies would compete to get enough new towers in place to support the transition from 4G to 5G. One year later, articles like this are pointing out that the telecommunication companies have not quite delivered as promised when it comes to 5G.

This leaves the US lagging behind other countries who are already enjoying faster speeds and greater availability. What does this mean? The concern is that the slower network will impact both individuals and businesses in the US, pushing us out of the ongoing fight for technological supremacy. That could potentially mean millions in lost profits as businesses lose out on technological advancement and developments.

What this means for cell towers

As wining the race for 5G was part of President’s campaign, there is little doubt that the emphasis to improve the US standing will continue. Telecommunication companies are even more likely to reach out to existing cell tower lease holders about renegotiating current leases as well as seek out property owners for new cell tower lease agreements.

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