Cell Tower Rooftop Lease RatesCell tower rooftop lease rates can by mysterious to rooftop site owners.  Most property owners and building managers, are aware of the cell tower lease rates in place, but do not actually know what telecom equipment is on their roof.  As a result of such lack of awareness, many cell tower companies will take advantage and expand their equipment without paying an increased rent. This is is comparable to you owning a strip mall or shopping center and discovering that your anchor tenant to leased your other spaces without your knowledge.  Since they realize that the odds are small that someone is monitoring the rooftop, they will generally install equipment wherever they want, even outside their leased premises.  This translates into more revenue for them, and likewise is represents an opportunity for you to increase your cell tower rooftop lease rates for the site.

Maximize Cell Tower Rooftop Lease Rates

To maximize your cell tower rooftop lease rates, it is important for the building owner or manager seeks an expert in the industry.  Cell tower rooftop lease rates can be increased significatnly when an expert helps your discover what your tenant has installed and where. Vertical Consultants will first evaluate the cell site and compare it to what was initially agreed to in the cell tower rooftop lease rate agreement. The experts at Vertical Consultants have assisted many cell tower landlords with rooftop leases who were being grossly underpaid for their rooftop lease and we drastically increased their cell tower rooftop lease rate not only immediately but for the future as well. If we find the tenant has expanded outside their lease area we will help you contact the tenant and get you what you are fairly owed under the terms of your lease.  The team at Vertical Consultants are the leading industry experts and will even collect back rents due to you, call us today for a no cost lease review.