cell-towerleaseCell towers are all around us. Without them no wireless device will work. In 2019 there will be more wireless phones and tablets than there are people on this planet. Vertical Consultants, the nation’s only advocacy firm exclusively representing cell tower landlords, wants to make property owners who have cell towers located on their land aware of the true value of their lease. The amounts be paid by the telecom companies to lease land is grossly undervalued and everyone from senior citizens, churches, to municipalities are being taken advantage of by not only being underpaid, but by unknowingly agreeing to terms that will negatively impact and devalue these property owner’s land.

Of the over approximate 500,000 cell tower leases in America, it is estimated over 95% of them are be underpaid. The major telecom companies are set to garner revenues approaching the 500 billion dollar mark, with property owners, by contrast, being paid roughly a little more 1% of that amount for the vital use of their land.

Vertical Consultants founder Hugh Odom, an attorney for AT&T for over a decade, took action in 2010 and formed the nation’s only true independent consulting firm to represent those who currently have been asked to or already have enter into a telecom lease. In 2018, the Nashville based company, averaged an immediate 306% increase in rents for its clients.

“We take on some of the largest companies in the world every day with the objective of leveling the playing field for our clients and hopefully, one day, to change the telecom industry and its use of land in North America and beyond it borders ” says Hugh Odom.

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