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Cell Towers – 2014 – Numbers Do Not Lie

We receive questions from property owners across North America that are geared towards their belief that the wireless industry, more particularly the cell tower industry, does not have a positive future.

Our simple answer is that as long as the wireless carriers need points on the ground to establish their networks, then cell towers or similar structures will be needed. These networks have and are becoming more important due to our reliance on data-driven services. These services have not even come close to not only reaching their apex, but right now the carriers are playing a difficult game of catch-up.

The following are some statistics that will support the continued need for cell tower/rooftop sites:

  • 97% of adults have a cell phone (Up 4% from 2012).
  • Of the 97%, 56% of those phones are considered “smart phones”
  • The cellular phone is the most quickly adopted technology in history.
  • Cell phones are seen as key to actively participating in your community.
  • 29% of users describe their phone as something they cannot live without.
  • 9% use their phone to contribute to charity.
  • 34% of all users are “mobile only”, meaning they use only their mobile devices and have no other computer or telephone (Up 9% from 2012).
  • 41% of mobile users browse on their mobile devices for a product after seeing it on an ad on television.
  • 80% of users will participate in e-commerce this year.
  • 36% of smartphone users admit to “shopping around” on their phones while at a retail location, before committing to a purchase.
  • The number of cell towers climbed to over 300,000 in 2013 and is expected to continue to increase at a brisk pace in 2014.
  • Many carriers are adding additional sites in urban areas to assist high data usage areas. This growth rate is reaching a level approaching 40%.

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