It is baffling that the vast majority of people, including individuals and business owners, who lease a portion of their land to wireless companies are not aware of the large gap between the rent they collect and the profits generated by wireless providers.

More Wireless Customers=More Profits Less Rent For Property Owners?

As the wireless providers continue to expand their networks, the number of cell sites will also increase. Inevitably, the wireless providers will be approaching individuals and businesses to “host” a cell tower or small cell on their property. Of course, improved networks and more services attract more customers. More customers=more profit.

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Therefore, the telecom companies continue to reap the benefits of being a “guest” on someone else’s property. Most property owners are not experts in the telecom industry, and do not know the value that their property brings to the wireless providers. It seems that the valuation process is not exactly transparent to property owners.

These hosts and hostesses, generously share their land so that we can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology, and they should be compensated fairly. True hospitality should be recognized accordingly.

Our goal is to raise the level of awareness so that the existing property owners, and those who will soon be approached by a wireless provider, will have a better understanding of the opportunities for additional revenue that might be missed as a result of misinformation or a lack of information.