cell-tower-leaseFans of the 2014 World Cup managed to set a record for concurrent viewership during this year’s event. During the USA vs. Germany game, a record 1.7 million people tuned into the game via streaming devices. This broke the record set during Super Bowl XLVIII, with 1.1 million viewers streaming the game. According to Theverge.com, “The record number shows an increasing American acceptance of both soccer and streaming services, but when it comes to streaming viewers, traditional sports are lagging far behind e-sports.”

With this type of demand for modern convenience, telecom and cell tower companies will see a giant increase in profits due to the need for more infrastructure. Anytime there is a modification or upgrade to telecom equipment to support such a demand, the cell tower lease landlord must attain proper counsel in order to level the playing field between the telecom giants and themselves. Otherwise, a property owner could be signing away certain rights, along with the possibility of leaving thousands of dollars on the table in potential shared revenues.