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It is not a mystery that a cell tower lease expert is a valuable and necessary advantage to have on your side during a cell tower lease transaction. An expert in the field can get you more revenue and secure better overall lease terms as well.

It is important to choose the RIGHT consulting firm when doing your research. Here are some qualities to consider when making your selection.

Cell Tower Lease Consultants, What to Look For:

  • A consulting firm should have a staff of experts who have both represented and been decision makers for telecom companies. Why? Because THEY have insider knowledge that is tremendous value compared to a consultant who has only worked on the outside of the cell tower industry and not in its core.
  • Choose a consulting firm that has a staff who are experts in the telecom, real estate and legal fields. You are not hiring a consulting firm for them to tell you they can assist you with only a small portion of your lease but all aspects of the agreement
  • Find a consultant who has a proven track record of results that meet your needs. Ask your cell tower lease consultants to provide you with their track record of results. Also, ask for references from actual clients they have represented and achieved results for. Speak directly with these references. Find someone you can trust who will provide you realistic results and REAL references.
  • Ensure you are working with top-notch, versatile talent. Vertical Consultants has provided expert cell tower consultation to clients ranging from commercial real estate firms and universities to non-profit groups and private landowners. There is no limit to who we will represent to help level the playing field between telecom giants and landowners.
  • Engage a consulting firm that focuses not only how much rent you will be getting but understands how to structure a cell tower or rooftop telecom lease so it does not negatively impact your property and/or building.
  • Make sure you have a consulting firm that will assist you with the entire cell tower lease process from start to finish. Most transactions will take months. You have to obtain a level of trust that your consultant is not just in the deal to get you something done fast so they can just send you a bill.

Vertical Consultants has established itself the only accredited cell tower lease constants in the industry. Contact us today for a complimentary lease review, we may just find a lot of value you are not being compensated for in your existing lease. We get results, just ask our clients.

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