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How Vertical Consultants Gets Results

  • Review The Cell Tower Lease: The first step we take in assisting a client is a providing a thorough review of either their existing cell tower lease or a new cell tower lease agreement that they have been presented with for consideration. Our lease review allows us to evaluate the terms they have been offered, both financial and non-monetary; answer questions that you may have; and discuss the pros and cons of moving forward.

  • Review The Location: Vertical Consultants reviews, depending on the client’s situation, either their existing cell tower location or the new cell site location proposed to them. Vertical Consultants has access to proprietary resources that allow us to review their property, including everything from applicable zoning ordinances, local wireless network maps (for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint) to aerial and street maps that allow us to determine the value of the property to the cell site company leasing it.

  • Review Existing Cell Sites In The Area: Vertical Consultants has a database that allows us access to over 200,000 cell sites throughout the United States. This database not only allows us to determine the location of other cell sites, but to find out the characteristics of those sites, such as the height of the tower, the carriers located on the property, the type of equipment the carriers have located on the tower structure, and the ability of the cell tower company to add more wireless carriers to the tower itself.

  • Analyze Tenant Options: Vertical Consultants works to determine what our clients have to offer a current or proposed cell tower tenant. We backwards-engineer the situation to determine not only what other options a cell tower company may have in the client’s area, but also what they stand to lose if they either cannot continue to use the property or cannot build a new tower on it and must go elsewhere (if another viable option even exists).

  • Explain Current Market Dynamics: Vertical Consultants provides our clients with an overview of the wireless industry and, more importantly, the particular company that is looking to use their land. We work within the cell tower lease industry every day, so we have the inside tract to information related to strengths and weakness of all the tower companies.

  • Provide An Overall Strategy: Vertical Consultants provides our clients with an overall strategy that not only focuses on how to maximize the amount of rent they receive on day one of the lease, but throughout the lease’s entire term. Remember, rent is not the financial structure, it is only the derivative of that structure.

  • Answer Questions/Listen To Our Clients: Vertical Consultants is a full-service consulting company. Some consulting firms are only out there to tell clients what they want to hear, while we are here to discuss with clients what they need to hear. We work to not only maximize the amount of rent our clients get today, but throughout their entire lease agreement and, at the same time, work to protect our clients from terms that could have a negative impact on both them and their property in the future.

  • Serve As An Advocate For Our Clients: Most cell tower lease consulting firms are only focused on providing their clients with some information, but they do not want to face-off with the tower company themselves, either because they don’t want to do the hard work or they have a conflict of interest. Vertical Consultants does more than provide our clients with information – we work as an advocate for our clients against some of the biggest companies around. Vertical Consultants works to get our clients the “right cell tower agreement” and are honest enough to tell when to walk away from a transaction as well.

  • Offer Continued Services: Vertical Consultants is unlike any other consulting firm in the industry, as we not only work with and on behalf of our clients during a cell tower transaction, but we also prolong our relationship after the deal is done. We continue to provide, at no additional charge, our clients with general consulting services throughout the term of their cell tower lease. We are here for our clients today and for years into the future.

A cell tower lease is a long-term commitment, so choosing the right company to provide expertise assistance is important. Vertical Consultants is proud to provide our clients more than just information – we work to get our clients results that benefit them today and well into the future.