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Vertical Consultants was featured in a recent article on Huffington Post titled, “3 Businesses to Invest in Due to Mobile Phone Growth

“With the advent of mobile phones and numerous innovations, you can attest that the businesses that come to mind when you think of a tech firm, are those like Facebook and Apple, which make huge chunks of money. You probably have never heard of a cell tower lease company. American Tower is one such company that leases over 27,000 cell towers to wireless devices providers. A common network provider, Verizon Communications is inclusive.

This company plays a huge role in cell phone network delivery to your homes. American Tower has set up plans to buy out existing cell tower leases. The company’s motivation is driven by the need of the company to secure the time it requires at the site. This will benefit American Tower because it secures its revenue streams. The venture itself is also advantageous to the investors because of the financial gain expected.”

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