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Video Testimonials

Juanell Teague

Juanell’s Story

My Situation

My family inherited land from my mother that included an existing cell tower. My brother had been managing all business related to the cell tower but got tired of it and asked me to take over.

What I Was Offered

We were coming up on a negotiation with AT&T for a 25-year contract.

Why I Chose Vertical Consultants

I found them after searching online. They took over the negotiations and I felt a real heavy weight off my shoulders when they took over the process.

What They Did For Me

I got 3 times more rent than I would have without them. I had been looking for fair market value for my lease but I had been severely under-valuing my property. They knew to look at the value for my tower individually instead of basing it on average of other towers.

Why I Recommend Vertical Consultants

I’m as impressed with Vertical Consultants as anyone I’ve done business with. They really stand up for their clients and do exactly what they say they’ll do. They also showed great respect for the land, which meant a lot to me as a property owner, and even won over my brother’s trust and respect. The tower companies don’t seem to understand how important the land itself is, especially to farmers.


Posted on

June 13, 2018