There is a direct correlation between the population’s increasing reliance on cell smart phones and the growing demand for additional towers. Inevitably, the influx of consumer-driven, innovative technology for Smart Phones will require expanding the wireless infrastructure, and continued use of existing cell towers.

Currently, Smart Phone users rely on a wireless network professionally, with virtual staff meetings and webinars, and also personally, shopping for holiday gifts, or even ordering a pizza. You name it. People across the globe conduct life on Smart Phones, and cell towers are the norm in today’s society, no longer considered the eyesores of 15 years ago.

So, this Thursday, as you eat too much turkey and watch 7 football championship games from your parents’ sofa, remember to be THANKFUL that you can share, post, pin, tweet, like, befriend, de-friend, connect, invite, forward, reply, log-in, join, subscribe, unsubscribe, try to unsend a “reply all” message, follow, unfollow, follow again, and ultimately, enjoy all of the benefits of communicating from your Smart Phone. It all adds up: being smarter is worth looking at a few more cell towers.