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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

Attaining information about a cell tower lease after it has been signed can be extremely difficult for property owners.  Two factors that concern many property owners are financing and liability—they simply would like to know how their property is being used and who is using their property.  Information as simple as who is using a property owner’s land is extremely guarded by telecom and tower developers due to their fears that the property owner will realize the land is worth more than they are being paid.

Divulging this information to a property owner could reveal that these companies are making thousands of dollars while paying the property owner a mere fraction of this each month. Once you have agreed to a cell tower lease, you become one of tens of thousands of people a telecom or tower developer deals with and you will not get the attention you want or deserve.

Simply obtaining contact information can be most difficult, especially finding the name of someone you can speak with regarding your lease.  If you are able to obtain someone’s name and contact information, these companies will heavily question you before you can speak with your point person in an effort to frustrate you and stop you from pursuing further action.  To prevent this, all property owners entering a new lease or a lease amendment should request annually updated information.

While having this information is important, it will not be the solution to problems within your lease. You need Vertical Consultants and its team of experts with decades of experience and proven results working with you and for you taking on these telecom giants.  Vertical Consultants has access to guarded insider information that you need to help your resolve all issues within your telecom lease.