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Many property owners believe cell towers and their leases are ‘found money’ and a source of steady income.  While cell tower leases do provide some income, the market standard is so low, especially in communities outside of metropolitan areas, that the risk a property owner takes in signing a lease may outweigh its benefits.

Many cell tower companies and tower developers prey on property owners living in smaller, less populated communities.  These companies are not paying property owners fair value for the use of their land, rather, they are paying what’s considered the “industry standard” – a standard so low and set by the telecom companies and tower developers.  Property owners across North America with existing and new cell tower leases do have opportunities to increase their monthly cell tower rents, but for some, a new cell tower lease may not be the solution for additional revenue.

For those looking to sign a new lease, weigh your options, because the risk may be much greater than reward.  For example, signing a new lease could mean you forgo a substantial amount of land.  A private property with a cell tower and 10,000 square feet of unavailable space could be a tough sale and possibly unattractive to potential buyers.

In addition to this, a property owner who signs a new cell tower lease that is undervalued is taking on great liabilities for just a few thousand dollars a year in revenue.

Vertical Consultants works for property owners and provides them with beneficial information that serves the landowner’s best interest.  Whether you sign a new cell tower lease or have an existing one, Vertical Consultants, with proven results, can help you get the most value for your lease.

Remember, the telecom companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?