14784299789_4eb19cdc17_oYou should realize that just because you have been inundated with calls to sell your cell tower lease does not mean that your lease that is more valuable than other cell tower sites in your area. But, if you are a cell tower landlord, you know that more and more finance companies are popping up with one thing in mind, and that is to do whatever it takes to buy your cell tower lease. These companies often mask themselves as being “telecom companies” to the point of naming their companies with names that would lead you believe that they are a part of the telecom industry. This is the first step in the process to earn your trust, and, eventually, obtain your cell tower lease.

While it may be advantageous in certain circumstances to sell your cell tower lease, most third party companies will try to sell a property owner on the benefits of selling your cell tower lease, and, the most common, being to try to sell you that “technology is rapidly changing”, and, as a result “your cell tower lease is in jeopardy”. The irony to this is not only are these companies not a part of the telecom industry, and usually the person on the other end of the phone has little or no experience in the telecom industry.

Ultimately, the value of your cell tower lease is unique, and if you rely upon a third party cell tower lease buyout company to determine that value, you are making a big mistake that could not only cost you today, but for decades into the future. Lease buyout companies are staffed with experienced negotiators and will try to move you toward making decisions that are advantageous to them only. They are looking to make money off of your lease. Level the playing field, and let Vertical Consultants assist you.

Vertical Consultants is the top-ranked consulting firm in our industry and, with an average 338% immediate increase in rents for our clients in 2015, you can see why.

Remember, the cell tower lease buyout companies have experts on their side, shouldn’t you?