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Property owners’ cell tower leases are more valuable than ever before, but many of them never realize it.  Why?  Because they do not have the information they need to ensure they are receiving fair value for the use of their land.

Telecom companies and tower developers withhold information from property owners related to their cell tower leases. Hiding behind their proprietary status to maintain winfall profits, these companies will conceal the following from a property owner:

First, the worth of other cell towers in the area.  Although no two cell tower sites are alike, knowing comparable data would give property owners some base of comparison that could help them negotiate fair value within their cell tower leases.

Second: how much revenue they are making.  If you are entitled to revenue sharing, these companies will conceal this information in order to keep all revenues made from the tower.

Third:  the names of the subtenants on your property.  Simply, the more subtenants on the cell tower, the more valuable it is. Knowing as much as possible about your lease will increase your negotiating power and ultimately the rent revenue.

Vertical Consultants works with property owners, providing you vital information that the telecoms and tower developers will not give you.  We pride ourselves on being the only true landowner advocate in this industry, getting results for our clients and we do not benefit unless you benefit.