More and more property owners these days are being contacted by companies seeking to purchase their cell tower lease.

So what should property owners know when contacted by someone looking to buy their lease?

First, the “Good”, if a property owner is looking for money now, a lease buyout can accomplish just that.
Also, depending on the circumstances surrounding your current lease, a lease buyout may be a way to eliminate certain risks of a possible termination of that agreement.

Now for the “Bad”, most property owners never receive the “True Value” of their lease.

Why? Because most property owners let companies wishing to purchase their lease convince them that the true value of their lease is what they are receiving in rent right now.  It is not.

The “True Value” of a cell tower lease can only be determined by looking at the overall value of a cell tower site to the company leasing it.

Lastly, the “Ugly”, most property owners focus only on the price they are going to receive and ignore the actual terms of the agreement they are asked to signed.
This is where the telecom companies take advantage of property owners.
Under these agreements a property owner may have unknowingly given up certain rights or taken on obligations that may negatively impact the property in the future.

The result, you get money now but open yourself to additional costs in the future.

Vertical Consultants continues to work with property owners to not only evaluate any lease purchase offer it has received but to also make sure that these property owner get the best overall terms in any agreement they are signing.

Remember, the companies looking to buy your lease have experts on their side, shouldn’t you.