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Cell Tower Lease ExpertsProperty owners want to know how much cell tower rent they should charge a cell tower company for the use of their land & many have relied on “market rent” to determine the rate for leasing their properties to cell tower companies.

Those who rely on figures like their neighbor’s cell tower lease rates may be cheating themselves out of revenue.  A cell tower company will gladly tell you what they are paying other property owners in your area if it’s beneficial for them to do so, which is often the case. Every cell tower site is different and a result has a different value.

The proof that property owners are leaving money on the table with regard to new and existing cell-tower leases is reflected in this: in 2012, the largest cell tower companies generated an average of over $2 billion in revenue, each from subletting properties like yours.
Property owners have a choice: Be underpaid for their land or arm themselves with information that allows them to obtain fair value for the use of their land.