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Video Testimonials

The age of fast mobile network speed got a notch higher last year in 2020, thanks to 5G. For 2021, you can expect to see even more exponential growth in business solutions worldwide.

5G Benefits

Transmission Speed

There has never been a time you could download a file, a remote application, or program faster than with the roll-out of 5G. Transmission speed is expected to be 100 times faster than the 4G network, starting from 15 to 20 Gbps. You will also rely less on your device’s internal memory as the speed makes the connection real-time.

Lower Latency

The time between issuing a command and executing it on a device will be ten times lesser than 4G networks. Automated machinery control will be real-time, regardless of your location in the world.

Number of Connected Devices

The number of devices one can connect to the network will soar. This exponential boom of connected devices will get more people connected without lagging in connectivity.

Virtual Networks

Network slicing will finally be available. It will give specific characteristics to a part of the programmable network, therefore avoiding possible network overloads. These virtual networks will ensure locations without a signal will be open to a mobile network connection.

The Carrier Battle For The 5G Network

The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile placed them on top of the race. At 270+ million subscriber, they dominate speed and coverage area in the US. This new conglomerate is underway with the roll-out of a faster mid-band network. It will be faster than AT&T’s low-band frequency and cover a larger area than Verizon’s millimeter-wave (mmWave).

Verizon is in the second position in this tech race, with 230+ million subscribers. They are striving to introduce premium-free phone models on their millimeter-wave network. In readiness for an expanded clientele, they are running promotions on high-speed enabled phone models. This is to cushion the end-user from high price tags.

AT&T comes in third at a modest 170+ million customers. Although they come behind, they are notably the most aggressive carrier with promotional deals. They are offering heavy discounts to their existing and new subscribers to continue building their client base.

Carriers are rapidly expanding their networks and improving both speed and coverage. Indoor connectivity is an area 2021 should expect a show-down and escalation of carrier battles.

Of course, all of these carriers recognize the significance of providing top-notch services, which is driving their momentum to build 5G networks quickly.

Benefits For Cell Tower Leases

With this new mobile network, more cell towers are needed to provide the necessary coverage. Therefore, more cell tower lease owners will have a chance to make extra income. Many existing cell tower leases will have to be re-negotiated due to added or changed equipment on the sites and towers.

2020 heralded a mobile network battle that is not going to end any time soon. With an array of benefits of this high-speed connection to domestic and industrial consumers, this fifth-generation mobile network will come with new and improved income opportunities. Expect gloves to go off as carriers outshine each other in making the first step.