Cell tower lease consultants, Vertical Consultants, proudly announces its client list is growing with the addition of its newest client, Friends of Badger Mountain, a non-profit organization based out of Richland, Washington. Friends of Badger Mountain is a group of local residents who came together in early 2003 in an effort to preserve their local ridges for their scenic view and as open space. They wanted to know the future cell tower lease potential of a nearby mountain and decided to engage Vertical Consultants to provide a site valuation for the site.

Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants states, “We are honored to have Friends of Badger Mountain signed on as our most recent client. We take pride in providing property owners across North America with information regarding the cell tower lease industry. Vertical Consultants strives to provide all landowners with beneficial advice, expertise and above all, results, and we are have been successful in doing so.”

The telecom lease-consulting firm has become a catalyst for positive change in the telecom industry. In 2013, Vertical Consultants averaged an immediate 236% increase in rents being received by its clients, and since 2010, has been able to assist its clients in the recovery of over 300 years worth of combined underpaid, and, in some cases, unpaid rents and other expenses that were rightfully due to these property owners located throughout North America.

Vertical Consultants, founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom, is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with decades of combined experience. The team at Vertical Consultants specializes in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and prides itself as a source of information for property owners.

Vertical Consultants experience in the industry allows it to offer its clients unmatched expertise, services and results. Unlike others in their field, Vertical Consultants is able to handle every aspect of the issues surrounding a cell tower, rooftop or any other type of telecom lease, from start to finish. To learn more, visit https://www.celltowerleaseexperts.com or contact Vertical Consultants at info(at)vertical-consultants(dot)com or 877.456.7552.