Vertical Consultants discovered that certain occupancy and use of Industrial Polymers & Chemicals Inc.’s land for cell tower placement warranted a collection of unpaid cell tower expenses and rents from its tenant- the third largest cell tower developer in North America.

Vertical Consultants is proud to announce the recovery of unpaid expenses for Industrial Polymers & Chemical Inc., a Boston area based manufacturing company headquartered in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Industrial Polymers & Chemical Inc. presently leases a portion of its property for the placement of a cell tower to the third largest tower developer/operator in North America.  The collection of expenses due from the tenant dates back to 2003 and represents a substantial amount of money for the property owner.

Vertical Consultants was engaged by Industrial Polymers & Chemical Inc.  in 2012 to review and provide counsel regarding its current telecom agreements. Upon review of Industrial Polymers & Chemical Inc.’s existing telecom lease and the tenant’s related use of the Boston area site, it was discovered that the tenant had failed to pay certain expenses due to the property owner as a result of the tenant’s past and continued occupancy and use of the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts property. Vertical Consultants  efforts on behalf of Industrial Polymers & Chemical Inc. resulted not only in an immediate recovery of past due amounts owed to its client, but also the establishment of accurate and continued collections of expenses and rents that will maximize revenues received by the property owner going forward.

Hugh Odom, President of Vertical Consultants, asserts “One of the biggest mistakes that property owners across North America make is assuming that they are being paid correctly under their cell tower, roof top or other type of telecom lease. Vertical Consultants understands these property owners are either under-informed or misinformed as it relates to the actual use of their property by telecom company tenants, and as a result, they do not realize the full potential of their telecom leases”.

Vertical Consultants’ mission and proven track record is leveling the playing field for property owners across North America who are either presently leasing their land to telecom companies or are in the process of entering into such a relationship with telecom companies. Their efforts have resulted in both the reconciliation of rent and expenses owed to property owners across North America and the immediate re-entry into these same leases to garner fair market rent for the use of these properties by wireless carriers and cell tower companies. Vertical Consultants has successfully taken on some of the largest telecom companies in the world, ensuring equity in telecoms’ dealings with property owners in the future.

Vertical Consultants was founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom and is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with more than forty (40) years of combined experience.  Vertical Consultants specializes in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and prides itself as a source of information for property owners. Vertical Consultants’ experience in the industry allows it to offer its clients unmatched expertise, services and results. Unlike others in their field, Vertical Consultants is able to handle every aspect of the issues surrounding a cell tower, rooftop or any other type of telecom lease, from start to finish.  To learn more visit or contact Vertical Consultants at or 877.456.7552.