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Cell Tower Lease ExpertsTelecom Consulting Firm Recovers Back Rent from 2002 for Self-Storage Frontrunner

Vertical Consultants, in its continuing effort to provide counsel and representation for property owners across North America, is proud to proclaim the recovery of unpaid and underpaid rent due to Westport Properties Inc., a California based real estate developer and currently ranked as the 34th largest self-storage owner/operator in North America. The said rent was due from AT&T Inc. — the second largest telecom company in North America — under an existing lease agreement for the occupancy and use of certain real property located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Westport Properties approached Vertical Consultants in 2011 to review and provide counsel regarding its current cell tower and roof-top leases associated with its properties. Upon review of Westport’s existing lease with AT&T and its related use its Baltimore site, it was discovered that both certain rents dating back to 2002 remained due under the lease agreement, as well a needed modification to increase current rents being received by the property owner to accurately reflect the terms of the lease. Vertical Consultants reconciliation on behalf of its client resulted not only in an immediate recovery of past due amounts owed to Westport Properties, but also an immediate increase in rents due going forward.

Hugh Odom, President of Vertical Consultants, states, “Property owners at all levels would be surprised how many cell tower and roof top landlords are not being paid correctly. The prevailing reason for this occurring is that most property owners do not have the information they need to prevent this from happening. We are here to change that.”

Vertical Consultants has and continues to not only provide property owners across North America insider information from the telecom industry they need to make the most advantageous decisions with regard to their current lease agreement, but to also to ensure there is equity in telecom companies, of all sizes, dealings with property owners going forward.

Vertical Consultants was founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom and is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with more than forty (40) years of combined experience. Vertical Consultants specializes in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and prides itself as a source of information for property owners. Vertical Consultants experience in the industry allows it to offer its clients unmatched expertise, services and results. Unlike others in their field, Vertical Consultants is able to handle every aspect of the issues surrounding a cell tower, rooftop or any other type of telecom lease, from start to finish. To learn more visit https://www.celltowerleaseexperts.com or contact Vertical Consultants at info(at)vertical-consultants.com or 877.456.7552.