Vertical Consultants is providing free information regarding market cell tower rent and rooftop telecom rents, paid by telecom companies and cell tower companies, to property owners across North America. This complimentary data is made available by Vertical Consultants in its efforts to deliver data to property owners who have current cell tower leases and rooftop telecom leases and/or those who are approached by wireless carriers and cell tower companies to place equipment on their land.

Vertical Consultants, priding itself as the only landowner advocate in the industry, also provides property owners the following complimentary services: free reviews of existing or proposed cell tower and rooftop leases and free cell tower lease buyout analyses, both of which aim to ensure the landowners are aware unrealized opportunities. This information is available via its website at

Vertical Consultants’ mission is to level the playing field between property owners and telecom companies. The firm has made a huge impact in the telecom consulting industry. Since its inception, Vertical Consultants has collected over 200 years worth of unpaid cell tower lease, collectively. In 2012, Vertical Consultants averaged a 142% increase in cell tower rent.

Hugh Odom, the President of Vertical Consultants, stated, “Vertical Consultants is proud to provide complimentary services such as cell tower rent data, but we take the most pride in delivering results for our clients. Positively impacting a property owner’s financial status makes all of our experts’ hard work worthwhile as we strive to continue making a difference in this industry.”

Vertical Consultants, founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom, is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with decades of experience. Vertical Consultants specializes in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and prides itself as a source of information for property owners. Vertical Consultants experience in the industry allows it to offer its clients unmatched expertise, services and results.

Unlike others in their field, Vertical Consultants is able to handle every aspect of the issues surrounding a cell tower, rooftop or any other type of telecom lease, from start to finish. To learn more visit or contact Vertical Consultants at or 877.456.7552.