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Nashville, Tennessee – June 25, 2013—Vertical Consultants is pleased to announce the growth of their client list with the addition of their newest client, EGIS Properties, LLC. The client is a Charleston, South Carolina based real estate developer leasing a parcel of company property for cell tower placement in exchange for revenue in the form of cell tower rent.  A representative from the company contacted Vertical Consultants due to concerns regarding the status of the company’s stake in the cell tower lease associated with the cell tower located on EGIS Properties’ land.

After receiving the results from Vertical Consultants’ free cell tower lease review, the real estate developer felt it was imperative to sign on with the telecom-consulting firm as a client. Vertical Consultants will negotiate with EGIS Properties, LLC’s telecom tenant in order to arrange better cell tower lease terms and higher cell tower rent revenue for the real estate developer.

Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants states “We are always pleased when we are able to put our expertise and experience to work for property owners across the country.  While we are busy delivering results for landowners, there are a high percentage of them who do not realize they should be receiving much more for the use of their land.  Vertical Consultants has made leveling the playing field between property owners and telecom giants its mission and the results we garner for our clients has proven we fulfill this mission every day.”

Since inception, Vertical Consultants has become a catalyst for positive change in the telecom industry.  In 2012, the telecom consulting firm increased property owners’ cell tower rent by an average of 142% and in just over one year, nearly 200 years’ worth of unpaid cell tower rent and expenses, collectively.  These statistics provide testament to the value of that Vertical Consultants can provide.

Vertical Consultants, founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom, is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with decades of combined experience. Priding itself as the only true landowner advocate, Vertical Consultants handles all aspects of telecom transactions and negotiations on behalf of property owners, from start to finish. To learn more about the disparities within the telecom industry, visit https://www.celltowerleaseexperts.com or contact info@vertical-consultants.com.