Vertical Consultants is proud to announce the telecom lease-consulting firm successfully negotiated a substantial cell tower revenue increase for their Chattanooga, Tennessee client. Vertical Consultants was also able to restructure its client’s original lease to allow the client to receive an immediate 312% increase in revenues, while, at the same time, was able to secure lease terms that will be more favorable to its client and its property.
Hugh Odom, President and Founder of Vertical Consultants, states, “The Vertical Consultants’ team is proud to provide our clients with results positively affecting these clients’ bottom lines. Knowing and understanding the terms within your cell tower lease is an essential element in receiving full and fair value for telecom companies’ use of your property. It is our mission to arm all property owners with information that will afford them opportunities to increase the value of their cell tower leases and we take pride in accomplishing this on a daily basis.”
Vertical Consultants has made quite an impact on the telecom leasing industry, acting as advocates for property owners leasing their land for telecom placement. In 2012, Vertical Consultants was able to increase cell tower rents for their landowner clients by 142%, and, since inception, has recovered over 200 years’ worth of unpaid cell tower rents and expenses for their clients, collectively.
Vertical Consultants was founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom and is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with decades of combined experience. Vertical Consultants specializes in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and prides itself as a source of information and advocate for property owners. To see how much more rent you can get for your cell tower lease, contact us at 877-456-7552.