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Wondering what is involved to remove a cell tower from your property? The answer depends on why it’s being removed. Here are two important facts to consider about the process.

Lately there have been several news stories about concerned citizens fighting for cell towers to be removed from public property. The reasons have been varied; from parents worried about their children’s health to frustrated homeowners questioning a tower’s effect on property value.

This has many other property owners considering if they should remove cell towers from their property. Ideally, property owners would want to weigh the pros and cons of a tower before a tower is in place. Of course, this doesn’t always happen or circumstances change.

Other property owners may simply be at a renewal or renegotiation point in their lease and are trying to decide if they should sign a new contract.

Whatever your reason is for contemplating the removal of a cell tower, here are two very important things you should know.

You May Be Paying For That

Cell tower lease agreements are generally written as long term contracts, meant to last as long as 40 years or more with very limited reasons for termination. There’s a reason that telecommunication companies structure agreements like this: it’s very expensive to move or relocate a tower.

How expensive? It can cost from $50,000-$75,000 to remove the tower, the foundation, the underground cabling and any remaining equipment that needs to be removed.

Obviously, the telecommunications company is in no hurry to remove towers “unnecessarily” which means that the property owner would be responsible for this cost if he/she is the one requesting it. Aside from these costs, the lease agreement may also include language around recovering lost income the telecommunication company may experience during the transition.

Your Lease Could Be Even More Valuable

As mentioned, the cost associated with removing a cell tower is significant and telecommunication companies rarely seek to do this. Not only will they need to relocate the tower and equipment, but they will incur additional costs to migrate it elsewhere. This could mean they jeopardize the rent they are receiving from tenants too.

Essentially, the cell tower company has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in the tower on your property. Renegotiating a new lease with a better price and better terms for you is a far more preferable option for the telecommunications company. The greater the cost to move, the more valuable your lease becomes.

Of course, knowing how to determine the costs to relocate and the options available for a cell tower company are an essential part of the bargaining strategy. If you’d like to learn more about what the real value of your cell tower lease is, contact us today for a free lease review.