Vertical Bridge and Eco Site

Vertical Bridge REIT, LLC recently acquired Eco-Site. This acquisition increases Vertical Bridge’s portfolio to over 290,000 towers.

What This Tells Us About The Industry

In a quote about the acquisition found on, Eco-Site co-founder Dale Carey says,

“The wireless sector is significantly different than it was just a few years ago and scale matters more than ever when it comes to being able to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Carey. “Together, we will scale faster, bring more opportunities to our customers and reach new milestones as the country’s largest private owner and operator of wireless infrastructure.”

With the rush to rollout 5G infrastructure, scalability is the operative word. Cell sites, including small cell sites, will be built in numbers we’ve never seen before. This growth is just one reason why it is critical for landowners to understand the true value of their land to a tower company.

What This Deal Means To You (The Property Owner)

If you have an existing cell tower lease agreement, it is time to look at your terms. A window of opportunity may be opening up for renegotiations, including more rent and better overall terms. If you have been offered a new lease, be sure to talk to an expert. Get the rent you deserve.

Our clients average over a 300% immediate increase in rent. The tower companies have experts on their side. Shouldn’t you?