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Featured In The Wall Street Journal: “People of 5G”

We’ve already experienced 2G, 3G, and 4G. With each new iteration, mobile data speeds have dramatically accelerated. Naturally, it would be safe to expect 5G to be even faster, but is that really all 5G has to offer?

While 5G will give you faster mobile connections than already available, you can expect to get a lot more from this revolutionary technology. Here are 5 of the top benefits of 5G.


At the top of the pro list is bandwidth and 5G technology can provide as much as 10 Gbps. That means users can download full-length movies in a matter of mere seconds. Currently, 4G takes approximately 6 minutes to do this. These 5G speeds promise to make high-resolution video streams practical for everyone to both produce and view.
Reduced Latency

Essentially, reduced latency means reduced delays or lag time for users. Modern high-speed networks can encounter delays during data exchanges that can cause temporary connectivity issues. Latency involves the delay between a request for data and acknowledgment from a nearby tower. One of the benefits of 5G is a five- to ten-fold reduction of such bottlenecks.

Energy Efficiency

Manufacturers promise that 5G devices will come equipped with batteries that last longer than any predecessor. In other words, you won’t have to carry cables and bulky mobile chargers with you, even when you spend an extended time without access to a power source.
Self-Driving Cars

The density of 5G transmitters and sensors means that driverless cars can exchange precise location-based data with networks in real time. Also, fast network speeds mean that cars can instantaneously communicate with other vehicles and sensors, making autonomous vehicles reliable and safe.

Virtual Reality

Pioneers in the electronics industry have been waiting for 5G to increase the capabilities of their virtual reality projects. When 5G rolls out, multiple VR environments will have the ability to interact with one another, creating a framework for advanced gaming and scientific applications.

Potential Disadvantages

Despite all the advantages of 5G, the technology has some potential drawbacks. For instance, some experts worry that pervasiveness of 5G radio frequencies may negatively affect public health. Thus far, these fears have been largely unfounded as there is no significant evidence to suggest health risks are linked to cell towers. Also, some consumer advocates fear that 5G may result in the erosion of personal privacy. Meanwhile, 5G may present some security risks, especially before the technology fully matures.

However, the sheer number of cell towers needed is increasing rapidly and significantly. That means business owners, schools, property owners and municipalities are being contacted to discuss cell tower lease agreements and contracts. While these cell tower lease offers can provide much needed additional income to lease holders, but only if they fully understand the true value of their property. Unfortunately, many people sign contracts without understanding the power of negotiation they have.

How Can Property Owners, Churches, Municipalities, & Schools Take Advantage of 5G Rollout

Like any new technology, the advent of 5G promises many exciting developments. With these 5 benefits alone it paves the way to a future characterized by convenience, productivity, and unlimited opportunity. 
To support 5G thousands of new cell towers are being installed across the country. 5G depends on smaller, closer cell towers to provide constant and consistent service. Thus, many property owners, commercial real estate owners, churches and municipalities are being approached about cell tower leases. 
These leases have the potential to generate substantial rental income each month, as long as negotiations are handled properly.  These negotiations are often complicated and involve high-pressure tactics from the telecommunications companies. Without realizing it, property owners accept offers for far less than they should or accept terms of liability they can avoid.  
If you have been contacted recently about a cell tower lease on your property, don’t sign anything without knowing what a cell tower is really worth. We will review your lease or buyout offer for free – and if we can help we will tell you how. Contact us today to get started