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  1. imagesHow can I be certain that I will be receiving the maximum amount of rent on day one and throughout the entire lease term?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing space on my property to a wireless provider or tower company?
  3. How will a new cell tower lease agreement, lease extension, lease buyout or other type of lease agreement affect me in the future? How will these agreements affect my property?
  4. How can I find out which companies are actually using my property? Which actions must I take to ensure that I am not only compensated fairly, but protected as well?
  5. What are the current market conditions for cell tower and rooftop cell sites? Should I work with a marketing company in hopes of increasing the number of tenants on my property?
  6. How can I determine if the cell tower company or wireless carrier is using only the areas that were agreed upon in the lease terms?
  7. Why are companies constantly asking to purchase my lease? How do they make money? How do I know if I should sell my cell site lease?
  8. If I do not agree to the terms, can the cell tower company really terminate my lease and relocate their tower?
  9. What are the potential health and safety risks to my family, neighbors, and surrounding community if a cell tower is installed on my property?
  10. How can I prevent signing an agreement that could result in severely impacting my rights regarding the future development, disposition, or even the financing of my property?